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LiT MIX 030 :: Lil Cis

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Pt 1. of this month’s LiT MiX double feature on Vancouver’s Audio Social crew comes via Lil Cis. This set showcases her love of house music, hypnotizing our hips through waves of deep tribal rave rhythms.


Shuffling shakers, congas and wood blocks create an organic Afro-Latin percussive momentum, within progressive techy synth sweeps and kicks for a very modern world club vibe. Vocals range from folk to woke including a couple tracks from Columbian diva Martina Camargo, and Missy Elliot in the same set, for a mix that is truly muy caliente. 

A relative newcomer to DJing, Lil Cis has quickly proven her versatility mixing between untz untz and wub wub realms of house and dubstep. As a co-founder of Good Night Out Vancouver she works to improve safety and consent culture in the nightlife community. And with Audio Social she has put her event planning skills to work organizing well-curated live shows, livestreams and a mix series alongside crew-mates Thuja, Destrata  and Handsome Tiger.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: When and how did you meet Light Twerkerz?

📣 LIL CIS: Basscoast bb! My friends and I would always look forward to the afternoon twerkshop! It’s always such an inclusive fun event and no matter your body type, size or twerk abilities it’s always a bootyful highlight of the weekend. 


🔥 Light Twerkerz: How would you describe your connection with the group?

📣 LIL CIS: Friends, but I have always admired the group's ability to push people out of their shells. I am really introverted so having a group of babes tell you that you can shake your ass and wont make a fool out of yourself is encouraging. 


🔥 Light Twerkerz: How would you describe Light Twerkerz to your parents? 

📣 LIL CIS: A group who promotes self expression and self love through booty shaking.

🔥 Light Twerkerz: If you were sharing this DJ mix to someone you were crushing on, how would you describe it to them?

📣 LIL CIS: It’s smooth and sexy with a bunch of latin flair. I shake it up from time to time with a missy remix or with some afro house just to keep things spicy. 

🔥 Light Twerkerz: How did you first discover twerking?

📣 LIL CIS: Through the “Set your pussy free” movement.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What is the most butt-tastic dancefloor activity you’ve ever witnessed while DJing? 

📣 LIL CIS: I haven't had the opportunity to DJ to a large crowd yet - I picked up Djing during the pandemic but when I am practicing at home, my partner Handsome Tiger and Lit Mix alumni will sneak in to the studio for a booty shaking moment from time to time and yell “this track is sick”. 

🔥 Light Twerkerz: What was your ASSpiration for this mix?

📣 LIL CIS: The ASSpiration for this mix is to play some house music that wants to make you shake your booty and dance. I want you to “shake your body to the floor”.  Since I haven't had the opportunity to play for many crowds I find  when I am recording mixes I imagine that I am playing to a crowded dance floor at (B)ass Coast just as the sun is setting - a girl can dream. 

🔥 Light Twerkerz: What kind of butt do you have?

📣 LIL CIS: IDK but she’s cute!

🔥 Light Twerkerz: Do you have any body image related anecdotes to share regarding your personal relationship to your butt or that of someone you know?

📣 LIL CIS: Hating your body is exhausting, and since navigating through these wild times I have taken the time to learn and love my body. Sure I may have a few extra pounds but I am reclaiming my body and booty from a society that often teaches us to hate them.  

🔥 Light Twerkerz: Do you have a favourite booty type? Kindly explain…

📣 LIL CIS: I love all shapes and figures and all booty types. 

🔥 Light Twerkerz: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?

📣 LIL CIS: A booty positive dance floor means a dance floor that respects consent culture! For years with GNO we have been preaching that the best events, venues, parties are the ones where everyone feels free to move and express themselves without the fear of being harassed or having their booty ghost grabbed. To gain this safe space on the dancefloor it requires everyone to practice consent culture whether it be the patrons, DJs, promoters or venue staff. 

🔥 Light Twerkerz: What's your favorite booty music to DJ?

📣 LIL CIS: Latin House.

🔥 Light Twerkerz: What inspires you to move your butt as a dancer?

📣 LIL CIS: A groovy tune and a great mix + seeing other people on the dancefloor just letting loose and having fun. 


🔥 Light Twerkerz: Any memorable times as a DJ you had to adapt your selections to a particular audience while playing “booty music”?

📣 LIL CIS: Most of my friends love bass music  and 140 so I try to play tunes that bring bass heads over to the house side. With upbeat afro and latin house tunes -  its hard not to shake your booty and have fun.  



  1. SOMALIE— Masihi [Afro Rebel Music, 2020]

  2. LATIN GROOVER— Ekoo (Tribal Machine Mix) Latin Groover [South American Grooves, 2021]

  3. NATEMA— Music Is My Sanity (Extended Mix) [Transa Records, 2021]

  4. LA SANTA, SPARROW & BARBOSSA—Cumanayagua [Madorasindahouse Records, 2021]

  5. CHEYNE CHRISTIAN— Erbb [Bridge & Tunnel Beat Co, 2021]

  6. JAVI COLORS, DR. ALFRED— Feeling Good [SP Recordings, 2020]

  7. AGENT GREG— Shake Your Body [Klaphouse, 2021]

  8. PABLO FIERRO— Reincarnation [Watergate, 2020]

  9. MAVERICK SABRE, JORJA SMITH— Slow Down (VINTAGE CULTURE & SLOW MOTION Extended Remix) [Spinnin’ Deep, 2020]

  10. MISSY ELLIOTT— Get Ur Freak On (NADER RAZDAR, KEVIN MCKAY Extended Mix) [Double Up, 2020]

  11. CHARLES RAMIREZ— Insane [Hall Of Fame Records, 2012]

  12. MELE— Conga Mode [Club Bad, 2020]

  13. RSAM, TOTO LA MOMPOSINA, CATO ANAYA— Tu Tambor (KRYDER Extended Mix) [Spinnin’ records, 2020]

  14. SATIR MONTER— Aquila del Monte feat MARTINA CAMARGO [Switch Lab, 2021] 

  15. ANDRUSS, BOB MUSELLA— Tus Besos (Extended Mix) Andruss, Bob Musella [Terms & Conditions, 2021]

  16. JOESKI— Palo Mayombe [Club Bad, 2021]

  17. YULIA NIKO— Pura Vida [8Bit, 2021]

  18. LOUIE VEGA & HARRY ROMERO— El Ritmo [Bambossa, 2021]

  19. MILOS PESOVIC, KEVIN MCKAY— Work It (Extended Club Mix) [Glasgow Underground, 2020]


  21. GRUUVE— Cloud [Glasgow Underground, 2020]

  22. ENDOR— Sway [Repopulate Mars, 2021]

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