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LiT MIX 028 :: Hannza

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Our 2nd featured Lit Mix from Bristol’s BootybassDJs is by Hannza, who has woven a wickedly-paced 90 minutes with heavyweight bangers from dancehall and hip hop to house and drum and bass.


Laced with cheeky edits and mixes of rap, rave, UK, afro and global bass the genres may change but the attitude remains absolutely massive throughout. With nineties nostalgia meets millennium madness and 2020s future vibes we love it!

This summer has been a suspenseful stop and go, return and retreat from dance parties during these waves of pandemic public health mandates, so count yourselves fortunate if you’ve been able to catch Hannza DJing IRL, smashing it at Lakota Bristol festival Summer of Love with Shade Cartel or with Tash LC at Lost Horizon.

Find Hannza DJing with BootybassDJ crew and Moylandio at the Shambala Festival “Shambino” campout in North Hamptonshire, UK the weekend of Aug 26-29, 2021


🔥 Light Twerkerz: How did you first discover twerking?

📣 HANNZA: I don’t remember the first time I discovered twerking but I remember first feeling like I could join in when some of Shade Cartel, a dance group here in Bristol, taught me and some of the booty crew how to twerk in the green room of Lakota.

🔥 Light Twerkerz: What is the most butt-tastic dancefloor activity you’ve ever witnessed while DJing? 

📣 HANNZA: Azula Bandit last time we played at Lost Horizon - dropped into a forward roll and then straight back up into a twerk, it was breathtaking!


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What was your ASSpiration for this mix?

📣 HANNZA: I thought about the booty shaking ASSpect of my mix a lot whilst compiling it.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What kind of butt do you have? 

📣 HANNZA: A booty-ful one.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What is your personal cultural background? Any specific cultural traditions related to booty-shaking that have influenced you? 

📣 HANNZA: I was born in Ireland and I grew up in Bristol, Bristol showed me how to shake my booty with all it’s bootylicious music.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: Do you have a favourite booty type? Kindly explain… 

📣 HANNZA: A happy booty :)


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ? 

📣 HANNZA: A space where anyone and everyone is free to express themselves without judgement or harassment.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What’s your favourite booty music to DJ? 

📣 HANNZA: There’s so much wicked music out there. If they’re twerking, it’s working… current favourites include ‘Bryte & Gafacci - I like your Girlfriend’ and ‘Tera Kora - Pony (legend of Kora Remix)’


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What inspires you to move your butt as a dancer? 

📣 HANNZA: A sick beat and heavy bass line.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: Are there any affiliations (labels, crews, blogs, etc…) that we should list/link you with when promoting this mix? 

📣 HANNZA: All the artists/producers on this mix, check out the track list. And of course, shouts to the rest of the Booty Bass crew! 🍑


  1. UKI— GeiSha [Future Vintage, 2020]

  2. N.E.R.D x Rihanna— Lemon (TOMMY MONTANA Lemon Back) [Columbia / Up Records, 2017]

  3. M.I.A.— Paper Planes prod. DIPLO (UKI Remix) [Beggars, 2007 / 2019 remix]

  4. MISSY ELLIOT— Work It prod. TIMBALAND [Elektra, 2002]

  5. BRYTE— My Hood [More Time, 2019]

  6. RED EYE HIFI feat. LADY ICE— Kung Fu [Nice Up! Records, 2019]

  7. BLACKSTAR— Respiration feat. COMMON (MXTT HXLL Breathe In, Breathe Out mix) [Rawkus, 2004 / Self-released, 2020]

  8. PA SALIEU— Energy ft. MAHALIA [WMG, 2020]

  9. CLIPZ— Again ft. MS BANKS, MS DYNAMITE, JAYKAE (JULS remix) [SME, 2020]

  10. CAJMERE— Brighter Days ft. DAJAE (UKI x ALAMAKI Remix) (Cajual, 1994 / Self-Released, 2019) 

  11. BREACH— Jack (UKI x ALAMAKI x SMOOTH OPERATOR 3000 Remix) [Dirtybird, 2013 / Self-Released, 2019]

  12. BRYTE x GAFACCI— I Like Your Girlfriend [Ransom Note, 2017]

  13. CHRIS LORENZO— Bad Bitch ft. CHYNNA (Club mix) [Sixty6Music, 2019]

  14. ENUR feat. NATASJA— Calabria (MXT HXALL x SOULELY remix) [Sequence Records, 2008 / Self-Released, 2020]

  15. SERGIO MENDES & BRASIL ‘66— Mas Que Nada (CUPIDON x PAUL MOND remix) [A&M, 1966 / Self-Released, 2020]

  16. NAN KOLÉ x PRYNCE MINI— Drop That [More Time, 2018]

  17. AALIYAH— Are You That Somebody? Feat. TIMBALAND (MXTT HXLL Club Edit) [Atlantic, 1998 / Self-Released, 2020]

  18. LAMONT— Brain [Tectonic, 2020]

  19. WALTON— More Cowbell [Tectonic, 2019]

  20. DJ ZINC x LADY SANITY— Deep It [BINGO BASS, 2020]

  21. SAM BINGA x GEMMY x EMZ— Prettyana [Pineapple, 2021]

  22. SAM BINGA x RIDER SHAFIQUE x REDDERS— Da Freakz [Pineapple, 2020]

  23. SAM BINGA— Tek Nuh Chat feat. REDDERS [Critical, 2015]

  24. LENZMAN— In My Mind ft. IAMDDB (BREAK remix) [North Quarter, 2020]

  25. LMAJOR— Can't Do It [Astrophonica, 2021]

  26. SHY FX— Roll The Dice feat. STAMINA MC & LILY ALLEN [Cult.ure, 2019]

  27. DJ DIE— Special Treat (Remastered) [Gutterfunk, 1997 / 2018]

  28. INJA— Baby Angel Face feat. EVA LAZARUS [Hospital, 2021]

  29. DJ HAZARD— Time Tripping [Playaz, 2013]

  30. EVERYTHING IS RECORDED— The Night feat. BERWYN (CLIPZ remix) [Beggars, 2021]

  31. SAM BINGA x PARTICLE x REDDERS— Vandilero (PARTICLE Remix) [Critical, 2019]

  32. WHINEY— Headlines feat. SUBTEN [Hospital, 2021]

  33. TWEET— Oops feat. MISSY ELLIOT (UKI Dancehall Remix) [WMG, 2002 / self-released, 2020]

  34. SAM BINGA x RIDER SHAFIQUE— Proud feat. TIFFANIE MALVO (ENEI remix) [Critical, 2018]

  35. INJA— Take Me Home [Hospital, 2021]

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