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LiT MIX 025 :: Dolla Hilz

LiT MiX 420 - Dolla Hilz white.png

Lighters up for LiT MiX 025 is a celebration of mindful dance and plant medicine from Revelstoke's super selecta Dolla Hilz. Breathe in these 90 minutes of masterfully-curated music for 4/20 vibes any day of the year, yoga or skanking any time of day. 

Rooted in dancehall and reggae with branches into dubwise rave bass and afrobeats, this set is a healing soundtrack of herbal musical medicine we will be shaking and baking to for many moons to come. Highly recommended listening ;)

Dolla Hilz is legendary in Light Twerkerz lore for taking over the twerkshop stage at Bass Coast with 2-Canez, her clowning crew of cane-waving wig-wearing granny dancers.

She facilitates spiritual movement practise with Embodied Rythms soundtracks, and her love of music and marijuana can be heard on her thematic Stoke FM radio shows. Follow Dolla Hilz and Revelstoke's Foundation Productions for guaranteed good vibes from rave to grave!


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    How did you meet Light Twerkerz?

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        The first time I went to BassCoast was 2016. I had heard of the infamous Twerkshops and seen videos. I showed up with my knee pads on and my home made pair of gold booty shorts with giant googley eyes on my butt. I had so much fun! From then on I was hooked, I’ve been to 3 Bass Coast Twerkshops and those memories are so cherished. In 2019, one of my best friends and I showed up to the Twerkshop as our best granny selves and ended up twerking on the platform with our friend Alfred in fluorescent orange mankini and a wooden rocking horse.  That was one of the funnest days of my life! Our granny twerk crew, 2 Canez was born that day :)


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    How would you describe your connection with the group?

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        I look to the Light Twerkerz as a source of inspiration in empowering people to embrace themselves and having fun. When you cultivate supportive environments and build uplifting communities, it is so beautiful to watch how people blossom. The Light Twerkers uplift and empower people to love and embrace themselves through sparking examples of embodied movement & body positivity. They teach people to free their booties and minds. 


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    How did you first discover twerking?

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        I fractured my pelvis snowboarding in 2013. Part of my rehab was strengthening my pelvic floor & core and working on the tension in my hips through movement and flexibility. More and more I found myself hanging out in squat and goddess positions wiggling around and experimenting with primal movements. At some point during my exploration, I realized my butt loved to jiggle and this was an excellent way to release the tension in my hips and strengthen my core! Little twerk sessions became part of the daily routine! 


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    Have you ever had a “twerkthrough” experience? As in a mind-booty epiphany?


📣 DOLLA HILZ:        I was at Burning Man in 2013 exploring the depths of the universe and consciousness, and I found my way to Camp Question Mark with some pals. The vibrations were so rich, I closed my eyes and danced for what could have been seconds, minutes, hours… it really doesn’t matter. I remember feeling the music all through my body and going into a complete flow state. When I opened my eyes, my friend Astrid was with me and we were both smiling and laughing and wiggling our butts without any cares. I remember Astrid saying that we had gone into a ‘Twerk Trance’. It felt more like a twerk portal to me :)


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    What was your ASSpiration for this mix? 

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        This mix is a celebration! Of life, of our abundant plant healers, of music, culture, dance and community. I am so inspired by the Light Twerkerz, and I love the Lit Mix series. I feel honoured to be able to share music that I absolutely adore and be a part of this project. Ass this is a 420 inspired mix, there is Jamaican influence and rizzla riddims throughout. I also included my favourite afrobeats/fusion tracks from the past few years. I have a deep gratitude for the roots and culture expressed in this music. I am thankful to all my ancestors, blood and beyond. 


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    What kind of butt do you have? 

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        Strong and Thick! 


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    Do you have a favorite booty type? 

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        Liberated! 


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        For me, DJing is about creating a vibe. You try to create a sacred space and environment with your track selections, lighting, energy, etc. When the dance floor is a safe place for people to express themselves, people can have truly joyful, healing and transcendent experiences. 


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    What's your favorite booty music to DJ? 

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        Classic winey 90s dancehall! Also any track involving Juvenile or Mike Jones, that lights my fire right up!


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    What inspires you to move your butt as a dancer? 

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        Pretty much anything. I will literally dance to anything. My butt especially reacts to dancehall and afrobeats, or anything with deep low low vibrations. 


🔥 Light Twerkerz:    Are there any affiliations (labels, crews, blogs, etc…) you have that people should know about and follow?

📣 DOLLA HILZ:        

@embodied_rythms - This is my new brand/platform encompassing my embodied movement (dance/yoga) classes and workshops which I create my own custom mixes for.



2 Canez! I am half of this granny twerk crew, Janice and Eunice. 


@_foundation___ This is a small collective of DJs & production company based out of Revelstoke with the mission to bring bass music to the mountain folks and beyond :)



  1. Nyquill— YAADCORE, prod by BIGGADREAD [We Generation Music/Evidence Music 2020)]

  2. Solidarity Riddim (Original Mix)— EGOLESS [Sentry Records, 2020]

  3. Solidarity Riddim (Version feat TENOR YOUTHMAN)—  EGOLESS [Sentry Records, 2020]

  4. Joker Smoker— DUBAMINE (feat TRISTAN PALMER) [Dub Stuy Records, 2016]

  5. Babylonians— SYLFORD WALKER (DOUBLE TIGER Refix) [Dub Stuy Records, 2016]

  6. Tuff!— LAPO & AGO (NUMA CREW) [Moonshine Recordings, 2019]

  7. Don't Worry, Be Happy— BOBBY MCFERRIN (REGULAR ASS DUDE Re-Rub-a-Dub) [Regular Ass Dude, 2016]

  8. See the Vibe (feat TIFFANI JUNO)— GARDNA prod by ED WEST [Boom Sound Recordings, 2018]

  9. Pidgin Machine— MAGUGU prod STAGGA [Fat Fridge Records, 2018]

  10. Police in Helicopter (Vocal Mix)— YAADCORE, JAH9 prod EMCH [Subatomic Sound, 2021]

  11. Smugglaren— ALLYAWAN & EEK-A-MOUSE prod PARTILLO & LANCE-A-LOT [Rudeboy Records, 2020]

  12. Bam Bam— SISTER NANCY (DUBAMINE Refix) [Dub Stuy Records, 2016]

  13. Grateful (feat KOJEY RADICAL & RIDER SHAFIQUE)— SWINDLE [Brownswood Recordings, 2018]

  14. Streets— TESSELLATED [Tessellated, 2016]

  15. Miss Jamaica (feat AGENT SASCO)— ZAC JONE$ prod IOTOSH [STONY OFFICIAL / SOUND TING, 2019]

  16. Natty Pablo— JESSE ROYAL co-prod SEAN ALARIC [Easy Star Records, 2020]

  17. Like Royalty (feat. POPCAAN)— PROTOJE prod ZIAH & WINTA JAMES [In.Digg.Nation Collective, 2020]

  18. Nice Up The Dance— KABAKA PYRAMID prod JEREMY HARDING [VP Records, 2020]

  19. Spliff Tail— LUTAN FYAH prod KRAIGGI BADART [BaDArT Music, 2018]

  20. Pot Ah Bubble— RIDER SHAFIQUE prod SAM BINGA [Critical Music, 2018]

  21. Da Freakz— RIDER SHAFIQUE & REDDERS prod SAM BINGA [Pineapple Records, 2020]

  22. Yërmënde (Dub Mix feat DABA MAKOUREJAH prod EGOLESS [ZamZam Sounds, 2015]

  23. Closer To Me (feat STYLO G) prod THE HEATWAVE [OAKK Remix, 2020]

  24. Wys? (feat SANTI)— AYLØ [Elomaina Mafeni, 2017]

  25. Repeat (feat KOFFEE)— J Hus prod JAE5 [Black Butter Limited, 2020]

  26. Jam (feat WIZKID & CHRONIXX)— STARBOY prod KOFO & P2J [Starboy Entertainment, 2019]

  27. Gbona— BURNA BOY prod KEL-P [Spaceship Entertainment, 2018]

  28. Corny— REMA prod OZEDIKUS [Mavin Records / Jonzing World, 2019]

  29. Ready— KABAKA PYRAMID prod JUGGLERZ [Jugglerz/Bebble Rock, 2020]

  30. Burna Boy— ON THE LOW (LIMITLESS Remix) [Spaceship Entertainment, 2020]

  31. Yawa— AJEBUTTER 22 & BOJ prod SPAXX [Jungle Entertainment Ventures, 2018]

  32. Dimension— SKEPTA & REMA prod JAE5 [Black Butter Limited, 2021]

  33. Cool as the Breeze/Friday— CHRONIXX prod PANTHA [Soul Circle Music, 2020]

  34. Oh Lawd— STYLO G prod JORDAN MCCLURE & DAVID HALE [Chimney Records, 2021]

  35. Soweto Blues (feat BUSISWA & JAZ KARIS— JULS [Lof Collective, 2020]

  36. Wonderful— BURNA BOY prod TELZ [Atlantic/Bad Habit/Spaceship, 2020]

  37. We Get High— REGULAR ASS DUDE [all:Lo, 2020]



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