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LiT MIX 024 :: Radiatelove


RadiateLove’s LiT MIX 024 is a vibey vortex of deep bass, sexy r’n’b, alté, trap, house, baile and ballads. Coming in at just under 2 hrs of sensual sonic seduction, this set is exactly why we swoon for Radiatelove’s selections: chill enough to set the mood, building ample energy to climax an afterparty then winding down in waves.

Originally from Houston and now based between Cali and Hawaii, Radiatelove’s musical tastes as a DJ bridge southern US and west coast influences, with tropical flavours and city swag from around the world. If this LiT MiX were a cruise it would be a clothing optional sail from Oahu to Oakland, Sayulita to São Paolo, Lagos to London.


A video designer, dancer/model and sensuality advocate, Radiatelove’s visual and performance art erotica explores bodacious bohemia uninhibitedly, invoking light twerk in celebrating sacred sexuality and baelian femininity. As she says, “I enjoy spending most of my days in the nude… I love reflecting this energy in all the art I create”.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: How would you describe Light Twerkerz to your parents?

📣 RADIATELOVE: Lightwerkerz is a collective and a movement which empowers all people to shake their a$$es with confidence and style :: Their offerings & LiTmixes help to liberate people into higher states of body positivity & self love



🔥 Light Twerkerz: How did you first discover twerking?

📣 RADIATELOVE: I first heard about it/tried it back in… 2012 (I think?) when I was a junior in high school lol… a friend of mine told me and we would practice twerking (kind of awkwardly probably) to Drake, A$AP, Wiz Khalifa, The Weeknd, & early Migos… haha! 


🔥 Light Twerkerz: Have you had a twerkthrough experience?

📣 RADIATELOVE: Hmm, yes! Certain twerk moves/isolations have come through with practice in the mirror & guidance from my incredible girlfriend! It’s like a muscle memory typa thing where once you feel it you can access that movement again! And on the more spiritual level, it’s a great metaphor for anything that you apply yourself to… it’s cool to have that follow through & see results! 

🔥 Light Twerkerz: What is the most butt-tastic thing you have seen on the dance floor?

📣 RADIATELOVE: I love seeing the glamor and flare of costumes at festivals & burning man! If someone is twerking & rocking assless chaps, that is pretty next level lol 🤠 One time at Lightning In a Bottle I saw a girl wearing one of those squawking rubber chicken things on her belt right above the booty, which was an ingenious booty accessory considering it would squawk when twerked, or if she bump & grinded it upon someone else… hahaha.


🔥 Light Twerkerz: Do you have any body image related anecdotes to share regarding your personal relationship to your butt?

📣 RADIATELOVE: I think that looking at it in the mirror and grabbing it, jiggling and sending love to it is a good start!

I really love doing the ‘buns of steel’ workout with my girlfriend, she’s the best personal trainer/motivator ever lol. Doing that routine even just once a week definitely makes me feel soo juicy in da booty region!


🔥 Light Twerkerz: Do you have a favorite booty type? Kindly explain...

📣 RADIATELOVE: All booties are beautiful & unique just like the beings they belong to! All booties deserve love & movement. Booties feel extra loved when they are lathered in coconut oil. My favorite booty of all would be a baelien hybrid of mine & my babe’s. 


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?

📣 RADIATELOVE: It means that everyone on the dance floor feels safe/comfortable to let their highest freakquency expression come through!!! & That anyone who is more of an observer is witnessing from a genuine place of appreciation & honor! Not creepin’ or thinking that the dancer is “asking for it” if their movements are “provocative”. As a DJ and dancer it makes me feel so much joy - so stoked, and grateful to lift the collective vibration through music & movement medicine.

🔥 Light Twerkerz: What's your favorite music to DJ when dancers want to twerk (or when you want them to)?

📣 RADIATELOVE: I love hip hop with bouncy bass lines! Especially something kind of sweet + sassy like Dani Leigh or 

Tobi Lou kinda vibes. Also random dancehall/Alté cruise genre tracks, like from Beam, Burna Boy, Amaarae, Wizkid, etc…


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What was your ASSpiration for this mix?” 

📣 RADIATELOVE: This was a super eclectic mix of sexy tracks I’d been collecting since December. Basically I love bending genres and mixing songs/BPMs that “normally” might not be associated! If it feels good/makes me want to dance… then I want to share that feeling + inspire others to move their bodies… Whether it be slow & sensual or fast & hyphy 🧚‍♀️


🔥 Light Twerkerz: What is your personal cultural background? Any specific cultural traditions related to booty-shaking that have influenced you?” 

📣 RADIATELOVE: I grew up in The U.S.A. in Los Angeles & Austin so there’s some urban influences. I remember listening to certain dirty south hip hop & a style called “chopped’n’screwed” from Houston. I think a lot of indigenous cultures have booty shaking rituals & knew that movement was a way to get naturally high or entranced. They knew that twerking specifically could unlock some special kundalini magic... African dance, Caribbean dancehall, and Hawaiian Hula dance seem to have a good amount of booty focused isolations, so I love drawing inspo from those beautiful cultures! 


🔥 Light Twerkerz: Do you have a spiritual practise in relation to music and dance?”

📣 RADIATELOVE: Music to me is definitely a spiritual experience & a universal language! It aids in connecting us deeper to energy, specifically showing us how we can move the energy within & around us. There are certain codes embedded within music and dance movements that are received when we get out of our heads and let the beats move us. I think that is how major twerkthroughs occur. 🍑


  1. Take Two— AFTERTHEPARTY [Aftertheparty, 2019]

  2. ‘00 Nostalgia— AYÜÜ, ANDRÉ WOLF prod. BENNY QUE & DOZ [Daniel Tarlumun Ayu, 2018]


  4. Right Time— YE ALI, REGGIE BECTON [THJ, 2020]

  5. Universe— TY DOLLA $IGN ft. KEHLANI prod. D.A. GOT THAT DOPE [Atlantic, 2020]

  6. Love Language— KEHLANI prod. SUPERDUPERBRICK & M-PHAZES [TSNMI, 2019]


  8. Piece of Me— WIZKID ft. ELLA MAI prod. KOFO & P2J [Starboy Entertainment, 2020]

  9. Slip— AMBRÉ ft. BEAM prod. LOUIELASTIC [ROC NATION, 2020]

  10. Moody!— JEAN DEAUX ft. SABA prod. LETMODE & DAEDAEPIVOT [Jean Deaux, 2020]

  11. Pasale— EL BÚHO [Wonderwheel, 2017]

  12. Real Life— BURNA BOY ft. STORMZY prod. TELS & MARIO WINANS [Bad Habit / Spaceship, 2020]

  13. Zodi— JIDENNA ft. MR EAZI prod. NANA KWABENA [Wondaland, 2019]

  14. Mad Gaal— BEAM prod. AL CRES & BEAM [BE I AM, 2019]

  15. Simple Things— DJDS, TORY LANEZ, REMA [Loma Vista / Concord, 2020]

  16. Borders— SAINt JHN ft. Lenny Kravitz prod. F A L L E N [GØDD COMPLEXx & Hitco, 2019]

  17. Put U On— DANILEIGH prod. YONNI, 22REL, JEREME JAY [Def Jam, 2020]

  18. Trouble— MELVITTO ft. GABZY [Melvitto / First Play, 2020]

  19. Blessed— JULS, MIRAA MAY, DONAE’O [LOF Collective, 2020]

  20. Vapo— VHOOR [Vhoor, 2020]

  21. Somebody— BEAM ft. VORY [Be I Am, 2020]

  22. Flex— JAY1 ft. JB SCOFIELD prod. PAYDAY [GRM Records, 2020]

  23. Ain’t it Different— HEADIE ONE, AJ TRACEY, STORMZY prod. FRED AGAIN & TODDLA T [Relentless, 2020]

  24. Nena— YEИDRY prod. JEREMIA JONES [Liberator Music, 2020]

  25. Mar Profundo— EL BÚHO [Wonderwheel, 2015]

  26. Tocame— SAK NOEL, SALVI & FRANKLIN DAM [Mad Decent, 2020]

  27. Mi Rumba— SOFI TUKKER & ZHU [Ultra, 2019]

  28. Jacquadi— POLO & PAN [Hamburger, 2020]

  29. Hu Man— GREENTEA PENG prod. EARBUDS [AN AMF, 2020]

  30. Woman Like Me— MIRAA MAY prod. LUKE GOMM [Island, 2020]

  31. White Tee— SUMMER WALKER ft. NO1-NOAH prod. THE MARTIANZ, CRACKGOD, SUMMER WALKER [Love Renaissance, 2020]

  32. FANCY— AMAARAE Amaarae prod. KWAMI KWEI ARMAH [Sad Saints Angry Angels, 2020]

  33. Moonwalk— REX LIFE RAJ, KENNY BEATS [Rex Life, 2019]

  34. Call U Back— Erykah Badu prod. E. BADU & ZACH WITNESS [Motown, 2015]

  35. Mashita— MANSUR BROWN [Black Focus, 2018]

  36. Different Planet— LION BABE prod. ASTRO RAW [Lion Babe Music, 2019]

  37. Unknown— Unknown [Unknown, ????]

  38. Fahrenheit— AZEE prod. JOVIS [Azee, 2020]


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