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LiT MIX 019 :: MEWS


New Moon, new Mews LiT MiX ft. 80-mins of UK dubstep & grime woven with US trap & r’n’b for that wicked witchy B.C. bass brew that gets us purrfectly lit.

Prudence Advisory: this cauldron of gangster and ratchet rap tea contains explicit BDE & WAP lyrical potency. All gender-balancing and genre-fluidity of imported musical ingredients artisanally-blended in the obscenic Kootenay Mountains.

Born and raised within the west coast festie life, Mews is now emerging from the wings of Shambhala’s Grove Stage shining as a savvy selecta. She’s released a steady drip of deep 'n' dirty mixes during her first year as a DJ, and performs B2B as Wicca Wicca w/ DJ Li’l Bones.

Find her sharing Sailor Moon memes on social media, and IRL directing dancefloors at the finest bars and bush parties in and around Nelson. And now find yourself bumping Mews’ LiT MiX while reading this a-mews-ing interview with our new fave DJ:


🔥Light Twerkerz: Do you remember how you first met Light Twerkerz?

📣Mews: I don’t remember the exact first time we met, but i think one of my first memories of the Light Twerkerz was at Luminosity festival years ago, like 2014 at the 2nd Luminosity ever on Vancouver Island when we were all in animal onesies and getting our butts buffed during a Goopsteppa set. I grew up in the west coast festival scene and they seem to have always had a presence in my life. I’ve never been directly in the group but I have always resonated with the Light Twerkerz mission, musical taste and general energy. I’ve known Crystel for a long time and I’ve had many friends who have taken part in the group and events.


🔥Light Twerkerz: How would you describe Light Twerkerz to your parents?

📣Mews: A group of beautiful humans who’s mission is to empower others through music, dance, body awareness, FUN and self love.


🔥Light Twerkerz: If you were sharing this DJ mix to someone you were crushing on, how would you describe it to them?

📣Mews: Music to grind to. 


🔥Light Twerkerz: How long have you been DJing?

📣Mews: My first show I ever did was last hallowe’en, at Spirit Bar in Nelson. So it’s been about a year. Before that I’d played around a little bit. I had a controller and I’d putz around, but that was my first time putting together a set for a real show. I’ve always wanted to do it, growing up in the music scene, seeing the influence and power the DJ has on the dancefloor. I want to make people feel as good as I do dancing.


🔥Light Twerkerz: What’s the appeal of mixing UK grime/dubstep with US trap and r'n'b— is it a specifically Canadian, or even a local Nelson vibe of bass music?

📣Mews: I’ve grown up with this music. I was born in Vancouver, raised on the Sunshine Coast. My dad worked at a record store for 13 years, so I listened to everything. I went to Shambhala when I was 7, my mom was bringing me to festivals. I listened to Bassnectar as a kid, and getting older, got deeper into bass music. I love digging for new music, finding new stuff. I’ve always resonated with all forms of bass-influenced music, but there’s something abut the stuff from the UK. It has such depth of feel and emotion. I like the dark stuff, it brings out more when you’re dancing, let’s you access those darker deeper places. Then balancing it with the lighter booty gangster stuff that’s more surface level. You need the duality.


🔥Light Twerkerz: What is your personal cultural background? Any specific cultural traditions related to booty-shaking that have influenced you?  

📣Mews: On my moms side I’m Russian and Polish and my dads side is French Canadian. I don’t think my cultural background has been much of an influence on my booty shaking but i have cultivated my own booty culture through my west coast festival and alternative upbringings. 


🔥Light Twerkerz: How did you first discover twerking?

📣Mews: I took dance lessons for years growing up and I feel like that’s what first ignited my passion for dance and music. Then as I grew up and started going to music festivals that evolved into a way of life. It was definitely on a festival dance floor that I first discovered the beauty of twerking.


🔥Light Twerkerz: What was your ASSpiration for this mix? 

📣Mews: Making a mix that gets your booty shaking, puts a smile on your face and love in your heart…and maybe turns you on a little bit ;) 


🔥Light Twerkerz: What kind of butt do you have? 

📣Mews: A peach.


🔥Light Twerkerz: Do you have any body image related anecdotes to share?

📣Mews: Every butty is gorgeous, the more you twerk the better they look. 


🔥Light Twerkerz: Do you have a favourite booty type? Kindly explain…

📣Mews: A juicy one that has something to grab onto. 


🔥Light Twerkerz: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ? 

📣Mews: Playing music that inspires and supports all people and body types through the lyrics and beats. Nurturing a safe space for self-expression. 


🔥Light Twerkerz: What's your favourite booty music to DJ? 

📣Mews: For me any music can be booty music, if your feeling the music you can shake your booty to it. But my favourites are dub, grime, rap and hiphop. 


🔥Light Twerkerz: What inspires you to move your butt as a dancer? 

📣Mews: BASS.


🔥Light Twerkerz: Do you have any crew affiliations or collaborations on the go?

📣Mews: I have a new thing called Wicca Wicca with my friend Jenna Li’l Bones.


🔥Light Twerkerz: Wicca Wicca! Like, inspired by the meme of witches scratching records?

📣Mews: Haha, yup we’re totally meme-inspired.


🔥Light Twerkerz: But actually though, what’s the witchyness of DJing that you’re tapping into?

📣Mews: The power of music, it’s almost hypnosis. It can be if you’re in the right mindset. Lyrics can influence your subconscious and your environment and mind space. Especially if you’re under the influence as well and more susceptible to that. So much magic can happen on the dancefloor. I’ve experienced that so many times. So many people, that’s why they go out dancing or listening to music, tapping into those moments. For me DJing is tapping into the feminine witchyness of ritual magic. It’s important to bring more feminine energy because it’s such a masculine dominated culture, the music industry.


🔥Light Twerkerz: What’s the most butt-tastic dance floor activity you’ve witnessed while DJing?

📣Mews: There was one party I played that at this summer, we kinda had a Shambha-done bush party…everyone dropped right before I played, and was dancing so hard, having so much fun. That made me really happy. I haven’t had a crazy super lit butttastic dancefloor activity yet though. I work for the Grove Stage, haven’t had a chance to play there yet. I’m on the Bass Coast street team, but haven’t played there. I’ve played in Nelson at Spirit Bar, and The Royal. Not Bloom yet. Bars are  different than festivals though for dance floor antics. I had amazing things lined up this year, then everything got cancelled. I was going to play with Handsome Tiger in Nelson. I was going to open for Sam Binga and Rider Shafique with Li’L Bones, that was going to be our big debut as Wicca Wicca. I was booked for some festivals that got cancelled. So instead I’ve been doing renegade parties this summer, which has actually been sweet to go back to the bush rave vibes. But I haven’t really had that epic moment that festivals can create. This was my summer to get myself out there, but it’s still happening in other ways. This mix is part of that. 🍑


  1. Coqui Song— NITTY SCOTT [Indigenous Digital, 2017]

  2. Data Dungeon— GRAWINKEL & QUASAR [Artikal Music UK, 2020]

  3. RUUD— KEEYA KEYS prod. 4PLAY [Keeya Keys, 2020]

  4. Sniper— D POWER DIESLE & SKEPTA [EB Records LTD, 2020]

  5. Filthy— ELLIS DELTA  [Defy Culture, 2020]

  6. Hot It Up— JAMAKABI (KAHN & NEEK Remix) [Bandulu, 2016]

  7. Bitchcraft— COMMODO, GANTZ, KAHN [DEEP MEDi MUSIK, 2015]

  8. Eagle Eye— CIMM [Sentry, 2018]

  9. Stop it— OCEAN WISDOM [Beyond Measure Records, 2019]

  10. Tropics— ONUR ORMEN, COSMIC [Onur Ormen & COSMIC, 2019] 

  11. Booty— BLAC YOUNGSTA prod. YUNG LAN, BEATMASTER MARC [Epic / Sony, 2018]

  12. Her— TROYBOI feat. NEFERA & Y.A.S [T Dot Music/Sunset Entertainment, 2017]

  13. Nobody’s Son— JELANI BLACKMAN [18 Records / eOne Music, 2019]

  14. Bussin 2.0— TAY MONEY, SAWEETIE prod. AYOJUAN [Tay Money, 2020]

  15. Ratchet Saturn Girl— AMINÉ [Republic / UMG, 2018]

  16. It’s a Vibe— 2 CHAINZ ft. TY DOLLA $IGN, TREY SONGZ, JHENÉ AIKO (ATYYA Remix) [self-released, 2019]

  17. Highest in the Room— TRAVIS SCOTT feat. ROSALIA, LIL BABY prod. OZ, NIK D, DEAN [Epic Records w/ Cactus Jack, 2019]

  18. Bells— ANDRU [self-released, 2014] 

  19. Git Lo— OAKK [OAKK Music, 2020]

  20. Captain Hook— MEGAN THEE STALLION prod. LILJUMADEDABEAT [1501 Certified Ent. / 300 Entertainment, 2020]

  21. Thoroughbred— HYROGLIFICS, SAM BINGA feat. REDDERS [Critical Music, 2015]

  22. Money Maker— LUDACRIS ft. PHARRELL prod. THE NEPTUNES [DTP, Def Jam, 2006]

  23. Soakin Wet— QUALITY CONTROL, MARLO, OFFSET feat. CITY GIRLS prod. HITMAKA, OG PARKER, TEE ROMANO [Quality Control Music, 2019]

  24. Go To Town— DOJA CAT prod. YETI BEATS, TIZHIMSELF [Kemosabe/RCA, 2018]

  25. Gang— HOUSE OF PHARAOHS prod. O12 [House of Pharaohs, 2019]

  26. Brrrrrr— CLIPSE (FALCONS BOOTLEG) [Self-Released, 2015]


  28. Girl Blunt— LEIKELI47 prod. CLYDE N HARRY [Hardcover LLC & RCA Records,, 2018]

  29. Play— RUDE NALA feat. LILZ prod. D.I.B. GOT THE HEAT [Flight Academy Music, 2019]

  30. Me & U— CASSIE prod. RYAN LESLIE [Bad Boy/Atlantic, 2006]

  31. In The Dark— YG prod. MUSTARD [Def Jam / UMG, 2019]

  32. Shook— TKAY MAIDZA prod. DAN FARBER [4AD Ltd., 2020]

  33. Hot in Herre— NELLY prod. THE NEPTUNES [Universal / Motown, 2002]

  34. Don’t Rush— YOUNG T & BUGSEY feat. DA BABY, HEADIE ONE prod. GRADES [Black Butter, 2020]

  35. Milkshake— KELIS prod. THE NEPTUNES [Arista, 2003]

  36. She’s a Freak— INTEUS & MYTHIC [Self-Released, 2017]


  38. Oh Flip— JUST JOHN [Self-Released, 2020]

  39. Get to You— SAINT SINNER & SUPERTASK [Infinity Problem, 2018]

  40. Casper— TROYBOI [T Dot Productions/ Sunset Entertainment Group, 2020]

  41. Sugar Daddy— QVEEN HERBY prod. STEVE TIROGENE, NICK NOONAN [Checkbook Records, 2020]

  42. Lose Control— MISSY ELLIOTT feat. CIARA, FATMAN SCOOP [Atlantic, 2005]

  43. Daddy AF— SLAYYYTER prod. AOBEATS, ROBOKID [Slayyyter Records / Big Beat Records, 2019]

  44. Fukk Sleep— A$AP ROCKY feat. FKA TWIGS prod. FNZ, A$AP ROCKY, HECTOR DELGADO, BOI-1DA [A$AP Rocky Recordings LLC / RCA, 2018]

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