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We are honoured to announce LiT MIX 017 is legendary west coast booty icon Blondtron’s first DJ mix in 5 years! Enter summer in twerkury retrograde with this sunny and silly soundtrack of hip hop, dancehall, bounce, baile funk, footwork, diva house… all mixed with her trademark quick cuts and supreme sass, divalicious from the start with drag queen SouthEast’s intro and the premiere of new Blondtron single “Where My Freaky Bitches”.  

Blondtron was up front headtopping at the Light Twerkerz’s first Bass Coast twerkshop many moons ago, during a time in her music career when her fierce independence became synonymous with a kind of liberated and unselfconscious creative expression that drew fans to her like a magnet.


Since being featured in the documentary Amplify Her, Blondtron has now transformed from infamous twerk provocateur into innovative tech entrepreneur Samantha Mathews Chase, founder and CEO of metaverse tech company Venn Agency Inc. building systems that help us stay human in our increasingly digital world.

🔥 Light Twerkerz: When and how did you meet Light Twerkerz?

📣 Blondtron: On the dancefloor at BassCoast! (see mixtape cover pic)

I’d been throwing twerkshops in town and on tour, and then I saw there was a twerkshop at Basscoast! I showed up and learned a bunch of new stuff, way more dancehall moves and choreography to classic songs. It was so fun and inspiring

🔥 LT: How would you describe your connection with the group and music scene?

📣 BT: My booty-positivity and cheeky approach to entertaining is very aligned with the crew, and a lot of Light Twerkerz have been a staple of Blondtron dance floors and stages for years. Basscoast is the home of our connection, it’s really where our community thrives and grows. A lot of my fan base grew out of my Basscoast sets, too. 

My first year playing Basscoast was so extreme and awesome: I punched a goat (look it up), I won the mud wrestling competition and had to bathe in the ice cold river right before I played an epic set at Radio Stage. There was still mud in my ears from wrestling when I got on stage and it rained just for the duration of my set. Radio had the only covered dance floor so it was completely packed. That was the happiest I’ve ever been playing a set I think… I got to play my weird style and it was so well received that it became my baseline for performances after that. A lot of what I’ve always put in my sets is raw [often underground] booty music from all parts of the world. I think experiencing loud rhythmic bass with vocals screaming about sex in portugese on a packed dance floor is a religious experience. Basscoast is a place where those feelings are shared.

🔥 LT: How did you first discover twerking?

📣 BT: I discovered twerking on this show called SexTV that used to play just past my bedtime on Chum (Much Music’s network), sometime in 2002/2003… around the end of highschool. The segment was on gender bending rap and it covered Peaches, Sissy Bounce, gay rap and the New York ball scene. I always watched the show with the volume so low it was almost on mute so my mom wouldn’t yell at me but even super low, when I heard the beats on this one episode, I was obsessed. The way the women dance-battled each other in the Nola clips they showed was intoxicating. I went on a mission to get my hands on some of that music. I must have called the ‘Questions, Comments, Concerns’ line at least a few dozen times. They finally put me in touch with a shop in New Orleans that sent me a small stack of scratched records and mix CDs. I still have some of those tunes.

🔥 LT: What is the most butt-tastic dancefloor activity you’ve ever witnessed while DJing?

📣 BT: Many moons ago I tried my hand at running the yearly music festival on my home island of Cortes. On a final shopping trip at Party Bazaar I impulse purchased a rubber butt I saw near the checkout. When I got there and was unloading everything for the event, my friends were like ‘What is this for?’ I shrugged.

Hours later I pulled into the driveway and heard chanting: “Drink from the Butt! Drink from the Butt!” While I was gone they’d invented the “Butt Luge” as a new way to drink beer by pouring it down the fake butt crack and letting it waterfall into your mouth. That became the thing all festival long.

🔥 LT: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?
📣 BT: Flash-forward a few years and those same friends, DJ group Can I Live, and I teamed up with Paige (AKA Ponyboy) from Man Up, to throw a gender-free party called Bootyburg. Bburg aimed to unify people across the gender and sexuality spectrum through a love of shaking it to great booty music. Our drink special was a $1 pabst but you had to “Drink from the Butt!” to get the deal. Oh pre-corona times, when community was built through the shared use of rubber butts as drinking vessels! That party felt so good, to have all different kinds of people show up and feel safe enough to be free enough to get down together. Every dance floor should be that kind of inclusive space.

🔥 LT: What was your ASSpiration for this mix?
📣 BT: Well, I haven’t made a mix in like, 5 years so this was a bit of an emotional journey for me. My mixing ears were rusty, my ableton key command memory is gone, I had to reload my old DJ laptop through wifi. It took two days! I felt a lot of internal emotional resistance but knew I needed this for my soul. Big shout out to Rich Nines and Crystel Clear for providing me with some folders of tunes, inspiration and motivation to get my shit back together and make this mix!


I eventually left DJing because I felt called to do more, to keep going and growing in new ways. I feel deeply accountable to using my access, advantage, creativity and abilities to their extremes. I started Venn Agency Inc. as a means to execute my bigger visions for the world, but it’s definitely changed my relationship to music.


Due to the gruelling schedule demands of growing a start-up, I’ve had to outsource discovering new music to machines in the clouds for the last few years. This maybe sounds bad, but it’s not.


My relationship with Spotify is pretty serious. Every Monday I take a long hike and listen to my Discover Weekly drop all the way through. Then I save and follow artists I like, and add songs to different playlists I’ve created around moods or vibes. It’s a whole process. The algorithm is my child, I’ve raised it by hand, and I am very attentive to what I feed it.


I’m an opinionated and energetic person and I use music as a tool to match my energy and opinions. It’s how I feel seen and heard. It’s almost like therapy in some ways.  


It also means that when I’m feeling stuck or down, the algorithm can get stuck feeding back low energy music. We were in a real slump til I binge watched Insecure and shazamed every track. All credit to Issa Rae and Melina Matsoukas for their amazing taste in turn-up! They brought me back to life through this pandemic and connected me with local activists in the BLM movement here in Los Angeles, too.


For the mix, I wanted to throw in little nods to my favourite rappers and producers, stuff that I don't get sick of. Some throwbacks to old tunes I made way back that are still fun to play, like my ace of dougie mashup.


I was thinking about all my friends having the perfect day at wreck beach or flossing on a boat. My guiding lights were…


“But is this TOO annoying?”

“Would SouthEast twerk to this?”

“Would KushNugz be stoked?”

🔥 LT: What kind of butt do you have?
📣 BT: I used to have a jello butt like this birthday cake my mom made me one year, but now I have a weightlifter booty. Perfectly tanned hamburger buns, just need a lil sprinklin’ of sesame seeds.

🔥 LT: Are there any affiliations (labels, crews, blogs, etc…) that we should list/link you with when promoting this mix?
📣 BT: I recently deleted my Blondtron instagram account to push myself onto my next performance platform in the Metaverse as a virtual performer and AI persona. Not simply an archive of the past, Blondtron is the virtual prototype for a new way we may acknowledge and give voice to the multiple facets of our psyche or identity in the future. I believe that, instead of resolving our multitudes into one single reflection in the mirror—or social media profile—we need to embrace all the parts of ourselves in order to experience wholeness. The Blondtron that lives on in her metaverse music lab is a testament to the possibilities of virtual embodiment of self. I'm excited to explore new modes of being with self reflection in digital space, with others too.


Subscribe to my Venn Agency blog to follow Blondtron into the 3D web.

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Black Lives Matter. Buy black music, support black art, and demand more people of colour be booked at your favourite festivals, because if it wasn’t for black culture we wouldn’t have booty music or rock and roll or R&B or any music but chamber music. ​


  1. Where My Freaky Bitches!? (APOLLO remix)— BLONDTRON [Butt Hertz, 2020]

  2. Bounce With It— RAZIEK [Merry Works, 2012] 

  3. Praise The Lord (Da Shine) ft. SKEPTA— A$AP ROCKY [ASAP Forever, 2018]

  4. Give Her Some Money— MALIIBU MIITCH [Atlantic, 2018]

  5. Genocide— DR. DRE, KENDRICK LAMAR, MARSHA AMBROSIUS, CANDICE PILLAY [Aftermath/Interscope, 2015]

  6. Perreito— MARIAH [Artillery Music, 2019]

  7. Baby Sitter ft. OFFSET— DA BABY [Interscope, 2019]

  8. Savage Remix ft. BEYONCÉ— MEGHAN THEE STALLION [1501 Certified Ent, 2020]

  9. Wish You Would ft. PRINCESS NOKIA— MYKKI BLANCO [UNO NYC, 2014]

  10. Weaurk (SALVATHORE x HOODIE refix)— RIHANNA [self-released] 

  11. All She Wan Iz Dougie— BLONDTRON [self-released, 2011]

  12. Da Freaks— SAM BINGA x RIDER SHAFIQUE x REDDERS [Pineapple, 2020]

  13. Equal rights— ISHAWNA [Legendary, 2018]

  14. Gunshots— YUNIS [Yunis Labs, 2015]

  15. Justa ‘Lil’ Dub 1.0— DAVE NADA

  16. Contract ft. IAMSU— GOOD TIMES AHEAD [Warner, 2016]

  17. Pretty Face (DUBBEL DUTCH Self Help Riddim)— VYBZ KARTEL (BLONDTRON edit) [Self-released, 2014]

  18. Greatest Gallis (LA RIOTS massive rework)— SEAN PAUL, BEENIE MAN [Claims, 2013]

  19. Real Truth ft. TKAY MAIDZA— J-E-T-S [Innovative Leisure, 2019]

  20. Uno— AMBJAAY prod. ALMIGHTY QUISE [SME, 2019]

  21. Y’all Get Back Now— BIG FREEDIA [Self-Released, 2010]

  22. Shaka Bundu— PENNY PENNY [Awesome Tapes From Africa, 2012]

  23. Ultimatum— DISCLOSURE ft. FATOUMATA DIAWARA [Island, 2018]

  24. Boogie In Your Butt— EDDIE MURPHY [Columbia, 1982]

  25. Papi Chulo… Te Traigo El Mmmm— LORNA prod. EL CHOMBO [Gusto, 2003] 

  26. Steel Drums (LAZARI CASANOVA moombahton edit)— OSCAR G [Made In Miami, 2017]

  27. Fade ft. MAIDAY (Club V.I.P.)— JAKWOB [Boom Ting, 2013]

  28. Bone— STANTON WARRIORS [Punks, 2014]

  29. WTP (BÅUT remix)— TEYANA TAYLOR [Getting Out Our Dreams, 2019]

  30. Work it— MARIE DAVIDSON [Ninja Tune, 2018] 

  31. Downtown Uptown— FOX prod. MURLO & SAMRAI [Swing Ting, 2016]

  32. Toca Pra Mim (MY NU LENG remix) (BLONDTRON edit)— JESSE ROSE & DEIZE TIGRONA [Man, 2008]

  33. 100%— CRYSTAL WATERS (BLONDTRON x WASPY remix) [Bass Coast Music, 2015]

  34. Missy Madlibs (NICK BIKE edit)— BLONDTRON x WASPY [self-released, 2012]

  35. Take Me— KINGDOM ft. NAOMI ALLEN [Fool’s Gold, 2016]

  36. Bait— BRENMAR & DJ SLIINK [Body High, 2013]

  37. Au Seve— JULIO BASHMORE [SME, 2012]

  38. Different— LIL SILVA [Self-Released, 2009]

  39. Where My Freaky Bitches!? (NIKE BIKE remix)— BLONDTRON [Butt Hertz, 2020]

  40. Ripgroove— DOUBLE 99 [Satellite Records, 1997]

  41. I’m God— CLAMS CASINO [Self-Released, 2012]


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