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LiT MIX 015 :: Shiny Things


LiT MIX 015 from Golden boi Shiny Things ratchets up the headiest footwork/jungle and dubstep with hyphy strip hop and rap, for a bootyful blend of UK and USA flavours that radiates the best of BC bass festival vibes. Featuring unreleased underground dubs from the likes of Metafloor, Danny Corn and Oakk woven with the latest mainstream hits from Nicki Minaj to Queen Key and Iggy Azalea, this mix hits that sweet spot of top-40 vs bottom-40hz vibes guaranteed to get our twerk on! 


Raised in the rural Kootenay mountains yet drawn to the urban 808 sounds of grime and trap, Shiny Things got a head start on the international festival scene attending nearby Shambhala and Burning Man from a young age. No wonder he’s now grown to become a fixture on the decks at both festivals as well as faves like Bass Coast and Envision. We love his balance of skills and humour, and are thrilled he’s signed with Triple A Talent to further his reach beyond the PNW. Catch him next in Calgary on April 2nd, and Edmonton on April 4th.


🔥Light Twerkerz: Where are you from?

📣 Shiny Things: “I’m from the Kootenays, born in Golden, lived in Nelson, now in Vancouver.”


🔥LT: Yeah, but where are you really from?

📣 ST: Outer Space. (LOL) But yeah, I’m pretty much as white as it gets, Euromix. 


🔥LT: How did you first discover twerking?

📣 ST Trap music and strippers


🔥LT: How did you first discover trap music and strippers?

📣 ST: Always grime music, music that had more of an 808 influence resonated with me. Digging for that, youtube videos.


🔥LT: How did you meet Light Twerkerz?

ST: At the infamous Bass Coast twerkshop i believe.


🔥LT: How would you describe your connection with the group?

ST: These girls are always out there doing the thing at my sets and bringing that booty energy to the dancefloor and stage - shout out to that "House Twerk" number last Shambhala!


🔥LT: How long have you been going to Shambhala and DJing there, and also going and playing at festivals in general?

📣 ST: I started going to Burning Man when I was nine years old, in 2001 with my dad. It’s been a family holiday for years. Shambhala first year I went was 2008, I’ve been going pretty much every year since then. Definitely I had a head start on the festival scene. 


🔥LT: It feels like there’s an interesting hybrid sound appreciation in BC and the PWN, incorporating aspects of UK bass music, USA hip hop and rap, Latinx vibes from up and down the west coast and the festival circuit, as well as Afro-Caribbean influences that evoke “summer” during our brief but hot festival season… What is “authentic” PWN festival bass music to you?

📣 ST: Kind of a mix of everything you’ve said. Deep bass, but west coast bass. Just the influences of the UK, west coast rap, latin, dancehall energy. 


🔥LT: Sorry, yeah in a journalism workshop they said not to say the answer in the question, oops.

📣 ST: All good, that pretty much nailed it. 


🔥LT: What is the most butt-tastic dancefloor activity you’ve ever witnessed while DJing?

📣 ST: One time at Burning Man I saw this wook licking another wook’s butt hole on the dancefloor...


🔥LT: What was your ASSpiration for this mix?

📣 ST: Ratchet booty moving music to twerk to.


🔥LT: Any memorable times as a DJ you had to adapt your selections to a particular audience while playing “booty music”?

📣 ST: I try to capture that booty moving vibe with all sets but Shambhala and Bass Coast always takes the cake for the amount booty provoking tunes.


🔥LT: What kind of butt do you have?

📣 ST: Flat and white.


🔥LT: Being white, do you ever get people telling you that the music you play, is not your music to play, culturally-speaking?

📣 ST: I don’t get that. I’m not claiming to resonate with the lyrics. I’m just there to have fun. Which can be troublesome to some. Sometimes you just hear a beat and it makes you move. It’s entertaining how ridiculous some of the lyrics are.  


🔥LT: I remember hearing you play at Luminosity 2014 Festival on the Koksilah River, Vancouver Island… this was a really hippie, transformational vibe festival… am I recalling correctly I saw they turned the sound system off on you for playing music that was considered too “rude”?

📣 ST: Haha, that was a renegade stage, I wasn’t supposed to be DJing and got shutdown. It was the chill stage, and the music was not very chill. They wanted me to mellow out. Everyone was having a good time. I don’t take anything too seriously. 


🔥LT: And now you’re renowned for your chill mixes on Soundcloud, the Mood Landing series is quite popular.

📣 ST: I take my time putting them together so the selections are carefully curated, I share just a few mixes each year. And with the Mood Landing mixes I make them long so you can listen multiple times and still find new things to hear.


🔥LT: What's your favorite booty music to DJ?

📣 ST: Rap music 100%


🔥LT: Do you have a favorite booty type? Kindly explain...

📣 ST: Any booty is a good booty - we know this


🔥LT: What inspires your to move your butt as a dancer?

📣 ST: When you hear a track that just makes you move without having to think about it. Simple as that.


  1. AITCH— Taste (Make It Shake) [Since 93, 2019]

  2. SAGE THE GEMINI— Humble (DANNY CORN Instrumental Edit) [Danny Corn, 2019]

  3. REMY MA— Conceited (There’s Something About Remy) [UMG, 2005]

  4. KAMAIYA— Still I Am [Grnd.wrk, 2019]

  5. CLIPSE— Grindin’ (prod. NEPTUNES, DOCTOR JEEP Edit) [Star Trak, 2002 / Dr. Jeep, 2019]

  6. MARA— Marave (TICKLISH & QNOE remix (DANNY CORN Instrumental Edit) [Spinnip, 2018 / Danny Corn, 2019]

  7. MARIAHLYNN ft. ALBEE AL— I Just Want A Bad Bitch, prod. LILZ [MLE/DYLR, 2016]

  8. GUCCI MANE & V NASTY — Let’s Get Faded [WMG, 2012]

  9. DANNY CORN & CHROME WOLVEZ— Tektite [Danny Corn ???]

  10. LIGHTSKINKEISHA— Side Ponytail [LightSkinKeisha, 2019]

  11. STREHLOW— Lord [All Things Trap, 2013]

  12. XZAVIER STONE— Give Me Sum [Fractal Fantasy, 2018]

  13. DJ CREATIVITY ft. CALI SWAG DISTRICT— More Bottles [32 Track Productions, 2013]

  14. THE HEATWAVE ft. STYLO G— Closer To Me (OAKK Remix) [Liondub International, 2018 / Oakk ???]

  15. KOOL JOHN & P-LO— On One (ft. IAMSU) [Moovie, 2015]

  16. MORESOUNDS— Watating [Cosmic Bridge, 2019]

  17. METAFLOOR— Make It Thump [unreleased]

  18. HOMESICK— Sandwiches [DETROIT GRAND PUBAHS, 2001 / Homesick, 2020]

  19. CASEMENT— Cables [Nice Up!, 2020]

  20. BIG K.R.I.T.— Ballad Of The Bass (My Sub V) [Multi-Alumni, 2019]

  21. ITOA— Nobody [Bad Taste, 2016]

  22. KASH DOLL— Doin Too Much, prod. FKI 1ST [Republic, 2019]

  23. NOH VAE— Days And Days [Nice Up!, 2019]

  24. OAKK— Gaslight [Oakk ???]

  25. TROUBLE— Ain’t My Fault (ft. Boosie Badazz) [Eardruma, 2019]

  26. TNGHT— Serpent (YANCEY’s Rework) [Lucky Me, 2019]

  27. NICKI MINAJ— Yikes [Young Money / Cash Money, 2020]

  28. MRSHL— Fuccboi [Foundation Audio, 2019]

  29. CHIEF KAYA— Classic Edition [Foundation Audio, 2019]

  30. QUEEN KEY— Bad 2 Da Bone [Machine Entertainment, 2019]

  31. DG— Tanksgivin [DG, 2019]

  32. JOULESDAKID ft. SINZO— Temperature Rise [111 Recordings, 2019]

  33. SILENCER— Possession [Teddy Music, 2019]

  34. KSTYLIS— Booty Me Down [Epic, 2013]

  35. TERNION SOUND— Bargain Bins [Silent Motion, 2018]

  36. IGGY AZALEA— Sally Walker prod. J WHITE DID IT [Bad Dreams, 2019]

  37. MALA— Eyez [Digital Mystikz, 2010]

  38. GOOD GAS— 1,2,3,4 ft. FAMOUS DEX & S3NSI MOLLY & FKI 1ST, prod. FKI 1ST, FOSSABEATS [Mad Decent, 2019]

  39. J-E-T-S— SLIMEBALL (ft. ZACK SLIME FR) [Innovative Leisure, 2019]

  40. CAIN– High Call [Fine Grains, 2019]

  41. MC BUZZ— Bota Bota prod. FAKEGUIDO [Mixpak, 2019]


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