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LiT MIX 013 :: SU REAL


2020’s first LiT MIX is an asstounding 100-minutes of high energy twerk bangers and anthems from New Delhi’s dancehall don Su Real. Showcasing his latest originals from new album Visa On Arrival, alongside the world’s best Desi-bass, reggaeton and trap.


This session flips nonstop between the hottest latest underground edits and massive EDM hits of the 2010’s, connecting the dots from Goa’s dubwise sound system festival scene to the glossy street dance culture of bootified Bollywood. Speaking many languages which all translate into the most hype global booty dance soundtrack!


🔥Light Twerkerz: When and how did you meet Light Twerkerz?

📣Su Real: I met Rich Nines when we were both students in Montreal around 2002. Then a few years back, I'm guessing 2017-ish Crystel was coming out to India, and Rich linked us up. And all was booty-full. 

🔥LiT: How would you describe your connection with the group?

📣SR: Kindred spirit pen pals yearning for a deeper connection with each other, separated by the gravitational pulls of our respective destinies as we journey across a vast expanse of being and nothingness. 

🔥LiT: How would you describe Light Twerkerz to your parents?

📣SR: Hi mom, these are my friends. They wear short shorts and dance, no biggie… LOL I mean, my mom R.I.P. was pretty open and accepting. Being an Indian mom, it didn't matter who or what you were, if you were in her house, you need to get fed, she needs to feed you. The rest is up to you. My dad probably wouldn't have looked up from his newspaper or TV tho… Haha I picture all of you twerking around him while he stoically consumes his daily dose of politics and current affairs.

🔥LiT: If you were sharing this DJ mix to someone you were crushing on, how

would you describe Light Twerkerz to them?

📣SR: These are my friends who wear short shorts and dance. Wouldn't you like to wear short shorts and dance? Suggestively? Provocatively? On each other? All day and night?

🔥LiT: How did you first discover twerking?

📣SR: I remember it so clearly. I was in Brooklyn, just before I moved back from there to Delhi around 2008ish... Some friends were like let's go see Big Freedia, Big Freedia's in town. I didn't really have any clue who she was or what I was in for. It was some house party type situation… The early part of the night was some old school hip hop and people just milling about. Then Big Freedia steps up with a microphone, starts hyping and introducing herself... The beat drops and within 2 seconds half the women in the place are on the floor with their butts in the air... I was all, wow this is a thing?! This is pretty awesome.

🔥LiT: Have you ever had a “twerkthrough” experience? (booty movement-related mind-body epiphany)

📣SR: Every time booties go up and down around me... Those club shows where if I've been doing it right then generous crowd members step up and give the DJ a dose of his own medicine...

🔥LiT: What is the most butt-tastic dancefloor activity you’ve ever witnessed while DJing?

📣SR: Well lately the dancehall scene has been growing in India, I'm talking about the dancers. They learn the dances, they bring in teachers from Jamaica, they hold workshops and sessions and competitions - and it's mostly women! So that's really refreshing compared to the male-dominated bromantic b-boying scene out here that's been huge for a while.... Aaaanyway, a couple years back, I'm guessing it was at this community/venue High Spirits in Pune, Reggae Rajahs were running the dance, and there was a line of girls right up front twerking their brains out. And it was a wonderful expression of freedom I think, because the rest of India outside our little bubble is quite conservative in their social norms.

🔥LiT: What was your ASSpiration for this mix?

📣SR: Its a li'l nasty, li'l nice, likkle suga, likkle spice! Partly I wanted to showcase some of my music in the dancehall/reggaeton/moombahton/booty-shaking department. Partly I wanted to showcase some desi artists, or that just have that Indian vibe. Give people out on your side of the universe an idea of what a Su Real set is like. Also I’m a performer at Goa Sunsplash reggae festival in January, it's my favorite independent festival in India going on 5 years, a hub for lovers of Reggae, dub, dancehall, and all related music's and lifestyles... Anyway, Su Real as a working, touring DJ usually has to play at clubs with a largely commercial audience so I gotta keep everyone happy. But at Goa Sunsplash, it's my zone, with the believers and the freaks, and this LIT Mix is like the first stepping stone on my path to a bootylicious performance.

🔥LiT: What kind of butt do you have?

📣SR: Fat. (Phat). Chunky, bossomy even.

🔥LiT: Do you have any body image related anecdotes to share regarding your personal relationship to your butt?

📣SR: Just that in my mind's eye I'm always about the same as I have been for the last 10 years... Clothes still fit more or less... But then when I get press pics made is when I realize, oh shit you gained inches you fat bastard!

🔥LiT: Do you have a favourite booty type? Kindly explain… 

📣SR: I usually find something to admire in every booty. It truly is a window into a person's soul. I'm not greedy, as the old saying goes, "a medium round is fully sound"... They do say that don't they? Something like that?

🔥LiT: What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?

📣SR: Space for everyone, all are welcome. Be respectful, be mindful of each other, be safe. Be free, enjoy yourself and let others also be free. And no matter what else you do, DON'T MAKE ANY REQUESTS TO THE DJ hahahah.

🔥LiT: What’s your favourite booty music to DJ? 

📣SR: “I think I'd have to say the new wave of afrobeats... I really wish I could play more of it, I don't know why I don't. Just those off-kilter rhythms and deep bass really hit you in the hips, get em vibrating like a giant tuning fork that just got ping-ed…

🔥LiT: Any memorable times as a DJ you had to adapt your selections to a particular audience while playing “booty music”?

📣SR: well here in India, it used to be that either you played only Bollywood music, or you didn't play Bollywood music at all. But lately, what with the spread of the Internet leading to more diversity in cultural interests and tastes among the youth, and more and more big international artists playing in India at the height of their popularity (as opposed to after), Bollywood music has rapidly caught up to international trends... and there's a thriving network of Bollywood remixes in all kinds of club-friendly styles... meanwhile for me, it's always been about mixing up different styles and genres from everywhere, including Bollywood... so yea i do remember the first time that I actually did not have to adapt my ideal set for anyone, not for the Bollywood purists, or the Bollywood haters! It was like, yes, we have arrived!


  1. Intro Dubplate— SU REAL ft. DELHI SULTANATE x Slow Down— YELLOW CLAW [Su Real, 2020 x Mad Decent, 2013]

  2. 47— SIDHU MOOSE WALA ft. MIST, STEEL BANGLEZ, STEFF LONDON (SU REAL Moombahton flip) [WMG, 2019 x Su Real, 2019]

  3. Turn Down For What— DJ SNAKE ft. LI’L JON (THE HEATWAVE refix) [BMG, 2014]

  4. Overload— APE DRUMS ft. GAPPY RANKS [Mad Decent, 2014]

  5. Panjabi Wine— BRAINDEAD [BrainDeaD, 2015]

  6. Caravan— FLECHETTE [Take Cover, 2017]

  7. Mia Khalifa— TIMEFLIES [Sony, 2015]

  8. Booty From Bangladesh— CAKED UP ft. ALIE LAYUS [BMI, 2014]

  9. Exercise Your Body— TROPKILLAZ ft. JSTJR [Tropkillaz Sound, 2014]

  10. Gullygyal— RAINEY (SOOHAN remix) [Soohan, 2018]

  11. Assets— YELLOW CLAW ft. TROPKILLAZ, THE KEMIST [Mad Decent, 2013]

  12. Worl’ Boss— APE DRUMS ft. VYBZ KARTEL [UMG, 2013]

  13. Boom Shakalarma— BRAINDEAD [Braindead, 2013]

  14. Helicopter— TWRK [Mad Decent, 2013]

  15. Dancefloor Champion— YELLOW CLAW & YUNG FELIX Yellow Claw & Yung Felix [Kontor, 2013]

  16. Champion— BUJU BANTON (KID DELUCA x NOISE CANS remix) [Self-released, 2015] 

  17. Champion Bubbler— TIFA prod. DRE SKULL [Mixpak, 2012]

  18. Bubble Butt— MAJOR LAZER ft. BRUNO MARS, 2 CHAINZ, MYSTIC, POPCAAN (Dancehall Version) [Mad Decent, 2013]

  19. Baddest Baby— TROPKILLAZ (DEEJAY THEORY remix ft. GAPPY RANKS) [Deejay Theory, 2014]

  20. Why This Kolaveri Di— DHANUSH (DJ LADY CHANN Moombahton Remix) [Lady Chann, 2016]


  22. Akela— MOJOJOJO ft. AKSHAY OBEROI (SU REAL’s Desi Dembow remix) [Mojojojo Music, 2019]

  23. Illegal Weapon— JASMINE SANDLAS & GARRY SANDHU [Believe Music, 2017]

  24. She Move It Like— BADSHAH & WARINA HUSSAIN [Sony Music India, 2018]

  25. Naagin— VAYU, AASTHA GILL, AKASA, PURI [Sony Music India, 2019]

  26. 16 Shots— STEFFLON DON [Universal, 2017]

  27. Megatron— NICKI MINAJ [UMG, 2019]

  28. Limb By Limb— CUTTY RANKS (JOHNNY ROXX remix) [AV8, 2017] 

  29. Bashment— APE DRUMS [Slow Roast, 2014]

  30. Gunshot— LADY BEE [Bad Manor, 2014]

  31. Heads High— BIG MAKK [Big Makk, 2012]

  32. Boss It Up— DIRTCAPS ft. THE KEMIST [Spinnin, 2014]

  33. Incredible— THE KEMIST & BRAINDEAD [Good Enuff, 2016]

  34. Policeman— EVA SIMONS & KONSHENS [Kontor, 2015]

  35. Dude— APE DRUMS & PHAT DEUCE ft. BEENIE MAN & MS. THING [Main Course, 2016]

  36. Party Shot— POPCAAN (MAJOR LAZER & ETC. ETC. remix) [TJ Records, 2012]

  37. Nobody Has To Know— KRANIUM ft. TY $IGN (MAJOR LAZER & KICKRAUX remix) [Mad Decent, 2015]

  38. Tun Up Di Club— ESKEI83, SO SHIFTY ft. CHARLY BLACK (V.I.P. Mix) [Crispy Crust, 2016]

  39. Lala— SU REAL ft. GD47 [Su Real, 2019]

  40. Shotta— SU REAL ft. DELHI SULTANATE & DONI BRASCO [Su Real, 2019]

  41. Single Ladies— BEYONCE (RICO SOUTH REGGAETON remix) [SME, 2015]

  42. Single Ladies— BEYONCE (PARTY FAVOR “Hands Up” remix BRAINDEAD’s Booty edit) [BrainDeaD, 2016]

  43. Taki Taki— DJ SNAKE ft. SELENA GOMEZ, OZUNA, CARDI B (DJ Refresh Cumbia remix) [Refresh, 2018]

  44. Taki Taki— DJ SNAKE ft. SELENA GOMEZ, OZUNA, CARDI B [Geffen, 2018]

  45. Mi Gente— J BALVIN, WILLY WILLIAM [Scorpio, 2017]

  46. Bala— TONY MONTANA [The Orchard, 2016]

  47. Mek It Bunx Up— DEEWUNN ft. MARCY CHIN [Wiiletunes, 2013]

  48. Bam Digi Bam— KARL WINE prod. OGE BEATS x ED BEATS [Basshall, 2018]

  49. Bam Bam— SU REAL [Su Real, 2019]

  50. Bom Diggy— ZACK KNIGHT ft. JASMIN WALIA [Saavn, 2017]

  51. Tempted to Touch— ZAEDEN ft. RUPEE [Source, 2018]

  52. Make My Love Go— JAY SEAN ft. SEAN PAUL [Kamouflage, 2016]

  53. Make My Love Go— JAY SEAN ft. SEAN PAUL (DLOIS TwerkHall remix) [Kamouflage, 2016]

  54. Contra La Pared— SEAN PAUL, J BALVIN prod. TAINY [SPJ Productions, 2019]

  55. Peng— SAMA BLAKE prod. HAKAN OZAN [Blake Records, 2018]

  56. Daddy Yo— WIZKID [Starboy, 2017]

  57. Inna Di Club— DJ SEPTIK ft. LEFTSIDE & KREESHA TURNER [Dropout, 2019]

  58. Badda Dan Dem— JOHNNY ROXX & DJ MOIZ ft. LEFTSIDE [Flex Up, 2019]

  59. Que Calor— MAJOR LAZER, J BALVIN ft. EL ALFA [Mad Decent, 2019]

  60. Calabria— ENUR ft. NATASJA (ZIGGY & CHICK FLIX 2018 remix) [Ultra, 2018]

  61. Turn Me On— KEVIN LYTTLE (ZIGGY & MR. BERMUDA Remix) [Atlantic Black, 2018]

  62. Muqabla Muqabla— A.R. RAHMAN (FLIPSYD Remix) [Flipsyd, 2020]

  63. Urvashi— A.R. RAHMAN (FLIPSYD Remix) [Flipsyd, 2017]

  64. International World of Dancehall— MC ZULU & SU REAL [Club Popozuda, 2019]



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