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Longtime festival friend of the crew, Driftwood has been spotted with Light Twerkerz beard-bathing aboard a bootyful yacht, dancing in the woods, and moving serious air DJing at underground sound system parties around BC. Recently he’s been upping his original music production output and we are hear for this!


Our eleventh LiT MIX showcases Driftwood’s original productions and remixes amidst a blistering hour of future bass vibes spanning dancehall, trap and grime, dubstep and halftime. Freshly signed by Triple A Talent with a forthcoming EP on @aufect-recordings out next month, feel for yourself why his star is on the rise at Celebrities in Vancouver on Dec. 13 for the Triple A launch party.


🔥LiT: What was your ASSpiration for this mix?

📣Driftwood: Dancehall influenced beats, futuristic bass, grime heat and deep dubstep!!  

🔥LiT: Do you have a favourite kind of butt?

📣DW: Booty is life, all shapes and sizes!

🔥LiT: What kind of a butt do you have?

📣DW: I’ve always had a booty, that I’ve been avidly shaking. 

🔥Light Twerkerz: When and how did you meet Light Twerkerz?

📣DW: I officially met the Light Twerkers at Luminosity Gathering in 2017, but I’ve been following them on instagram for quite some time and have been to many twerkshops over the years at Bass Coast and Shambhala. We met on the dancefloor and connected through mutual enjoyment of music and my partner Tracee (currently an avid Light Twerker). 

🔥LiT: How would you describe it to your parents?

📣DW: An empowering dance crew of party people whom educate and teach people about dancehall culture, specifically twerking. 

🔥LiT: How did you first discover twerking?

📣 DW: Music videos and instagram, I suppose.

🔥LiT: What was your initial twerkthrough?

📣 DW: When I first learned to twerk by my partner Tracee and realized how much fun and how difficult it can be.

🔥LiT: What inspires you to move your butt?

📣 DW: Bass

🔥LiT: What’s your favourite booty music to DJ?

📣 DW: Dancehall and brazil funk!

🔥LiT: What’s the most booty-tastic dancing you’ve seen go down on the dance floor?

📣 DW: Definitely seeing a twerkshop on a Sunday, specifically the participation from all people despite the inherent fatigue of it being the last day of the festival!

🔥LiT: What does a body/booty-positive dancefloor mean to you as a DJ?

📣 DW: Making people dance is my passion, the most profoundly meaningful feeling I’ve ever had in my life is the way music allows me to connect to people and my higher purpose in life.


  1. MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS ft. IDRIS ELBA x ANDERSON .PAAK— Dance Off (DRIFTWOOD fix) [self-released, 2016/2019] 

  2. STORMZY— Vossi Bop prod. CHRIS ANDOH [#MERKY / Atlantic UK, 2019]

  3. J-E-T-S— PLAY (ft MYKKI BLANCO  [Innovative Leisure, 2019]

  4. OAKK— What’s Your Name ft. The Potion— LUDACRIS prod. TIMBALAND [DEF JAM/self-released, 2005/2019]

  5. FUTURE FAMBO— Bloodclaute Song [Blaze Entertainment Records, 2015]

  6. HANDSOME TIGER— Intertwined [self-released, 2019]

  7. DJEMBA DJEMBA— All Ages [Mr. Carmack, 2019]

  8. WILEY, SEAN PAUL, STEFFLON DON— Boasty ft. IDRIS ELBA [BARISONE Edit] [WMG/Self-released, 2019] 

  9. SUPERTASK & G-SPACE— The Charity [Iceberg Productions, 2019]

  10. SHIELD— Bowling Frontier [Cart Records, 2016]

  11. AHEE— New World Sound [Muti Music, 2019]

  12. MAGUGU— Rompompom prod. SHIFTEE [Alma Mater, 2018]

  13. MR. CARMACK— Things I Cannot Tell You To Your Face [Forward Thinkers Group, 2019]

  14. RED EYE HIFI & LADY ICE— Kung Fu [Nice Up!, 2019]

  15. BAHAMADIA— Uknowhowwedu (DANNY CORN & BARISONE remix) [Chrysalis/self-released, 1995/2016]

  16. LIL SIMZ— Venom [AGE 101 Music, 2019]

  17. HYPHO— Kevin (HANDSOME TIGER remix) [Infernal Sounds/self-released, 2019]

  18. KRYO— Coop [White Peach, 2019]

  19. JUST JOHN x CAMISADO— Hold It [Åbysmal Ẹntities, 2019]

  20. SLOWTHAI— Northampton’s Child [Method Records, 2019]

  21. MR. K— Spooky Dub [Version Collective, 2019]

  22. AJ TRACEY— Quarterback (Secure The Bag!) [self-released, 2017]

  23. JUST JOHN x CAMISADO— Sand Blizzard [Åbysmal Ẹntities, 2019]

  24. SL - 100 Thoughts [Mic Cheque LTD, 2019]

  25. GLUME x PHOSSA— Opal [Crucial Recordings, 2019]

  26. SHY FX— Bad After We [ft. KOJEY RADICAL & GHETTS) [CULT.URE, 2019]

  27. RYGBY— Consignment [White Peach, 2019]

  28. CARTRIDGE— No More [Foundation Audio, 2019]

  29. NINES— Oh My ft. SL, TIGGS DA AUTHOR, YUNG FUME prod. SHOW AND PROVE [XL Recordings, 2019]

  30. DRIFTWOOD & HYPNO— Let It Up [Aufect Recordings, 2019]

  31. TRASHBAT— Fuck Magick (DRIFTWOOD Remix) [MK Ultra, 2019]

  32. TSURUDA— Jokes [Alpha Pup, 2019]

  33. TAPPA— Not Alone [??]

  34. MR. CARMACK ft. GOODNIGHT CODY— Hmm [Forward Thinkers Group, 2019]

  35. DRIFTWOOD— Badman [Aufect Recordings, 2019]

  36. DALEK ONE— Can’t Walk [Dub Sector, 2019]

  37. DEAD PREZ— Hip Hop (JUST JOHN flip) [??]

  38. GREAZUS— Golden Hour [Aufect Recordings, 2019]

  39. DISTINCT MOTIVE— Radar [Deep, Dark & Dangerous, 2019]

  40. ANDERSON .PAAK— Already (feat. SiR) [Steel Wool / OBE / Empire, 2014]


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