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Jack in right meow to this bass-heavy booty house LiT MIX from Kosmic Kitty! With her signature upfront attitude and uptempo energy, she’s won over our purring hearts and bumpin butts.

In short time this renowned alt model and pole dancer has made a name for herself as a DJ and event promoter of the popular Passion Portal and Purr events in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. Light Twerkerz always has a blast dancing and modeling with her, and we know you’ll have fun getting down to this LiT MIX!


🔥When and how did you meet Light Twerkerz?

📣I first discovered who LightTwerkerz were through word of mouth within friend circles. I met LiT's founder Crystal and she mentioned the best way to get involved was to start coming to their classes and bringing vibes. I found myself in awe because I discovered it was much more than booty-shaking fun expression - there was a sense of support and a cultivation of community, along with a deepfelt discussion following the classes.

🔥 How would you describe your connection with the group?

📣I've felt very welcomed - The group and those that gravitate towards it share common interests like the desire to connect and learn more about people, community, how dance has evolved and how it has the power to impact our lives in an immense way. These base intentions set the tone for some nourishing and playful connections within the group. I intend to become more involved.

🔥 How would you describe Light Twerkerz to your parents?

📣LightTwerkerz is a body-positive dance collective focused on bringing people together, spreading awareness of the benefits of dance, de-stigmatizing any body shame around twerking and spreading positive vibes.

🔥 If you were sharing this DJ mix to someone you were crushing on, how would you describe Light Twerkerz to them?

📣Same with above answer along with, "They're pretty much the bomb."

🔥 How did you first discover twerking?

📣I first discovered twerking in high school actually. My friend was always onto some next shit and first showed it to me. I didn't think a lot of it but within months, twerking was making headlines. (Thanks Miley Cyrus! haha)

🔥 What was your ASSpiration for this mix?

📣As soon as I was starting to record mixes I found this draw of inspiration towards making a tribute mix for this group. I found in the meetings that I had had with them, profound words were shared that shone a lot of light into my life that were especially blessing me when I was going through a tough time. I started compiling my favourite phat, twerkalicious choons shortly before I discovered they were starting a mix series. I was pumped to have the opportunity to make this mix for them.

🔥What kind of butt do you have?

📣I have a little butt that pops! And I know how to shake it ;)

🔥 Do you have a favorite booty type? Kindly explain...

📣I like big butts and I cannot lie.

🔥 What does a booty/body positive dance floor mean to you as a DJ?

📣To me - that's everything! I feel that the dance floor should always be a safe place for people to tune into their bodies and the true profound essence that resides within. Eyes open or closed, dancing is a powerful tool for healing the body, expressing it's stories, unraveling it's mysteries and experiencing joy in it's purest form while we lose our inhibitions to the core of the music. When the pulse of musics creativity touches us - we can find a liberation and a deeper understanding of ourselves and this life experience beyond the imaginable.

🔥 What's your favorite booty music to DJ?

📣When making my selections I always veer towards tracks that truly make me feel - more than think. The beat hits me and takes me, bringing a smile to my face and an irresistible urge to dance myself. Vocals that hype me up and beats with attitude that evoke the inner spiritual gangsta are my certain forte. I think to myself, "if they make me feel this way - I know they'll impact listening ears and in hopefully the same way."

🔥 What inspires your to move your butt as a dancer?

📣I view dance as either an expression of celebration or as an outlet for healing. I dance to feel good, I dance to show myself some love and I dance to let go of the outside world when it all seems too much. Dancing enables me to tune in.

🔥 Are there any affiliations (labels, crews, blogs, etc…) that we should list/link you with when promoting this mix?

📣My ongoing event series in Vancouver! Passion Portal: Enchanted Forest Party & PURR: Kinky Cat-Themed Party.


  1. TECHNOTRONIC— Pump Up The Jam (BIRTHDAYY PARTYY remix) [self-released, 2018]

  2. 2OWL & BLINKBASS— Back And Forth [self-released, 2018]

  3. WAX MOTIF— Wet [Mad Decent, 2019]

  4. Yakitori— ??

  5. VISAGE— Get On The Floor [self-released, 2016]

  6. GERRY GONZA & BIJOUR— Twerk It Out [Homerun House, 2017]

  7. THE BEATANGERS— Gotham City [Loulou Records, 2013]

  8. VOLAC— Drop Girl [Mixfeed, 2015]

  9. VISAGE— How We Do [self-released, 2018]

  10. VOLAC— Like Dis (BREAKING BEATTZ remix) [Suitor, 2019]

  11. BREAKING BEATTZ— Big Booty [Hub Records, 2018]

  12. CHRIS LORENZO & TAIKI NULIGHT— Don't Stop [Sixty6Music, 2018]

  13. RQNTZ & TATSCH— Drop That [One Stamp Records, 2019]

  14. LOTHIEF, BEOWÜLF— Gypsy (ALMANAC Remix) [Sony Music Entertainment, 2019]

  15. SHIBA SAN— Drop It [Basement Leak, 2017]

  16. PHLEGMATIC DOGS— Gotta Move [Night Bass Records, 2017]

  17. GUSTAVO MOTA, DUAL CHANNELS— To the Drop [Muzica Records, 2017]

  18. JACK BEATS & TAIKI NULIGHT— Formula 3000 [Night Bass Records, 2017]

  19. JAY ROBINSON & DREAD MC— The Ripper [Night Bass Records, 2018]

  20. JUSTIN MARTIN & ARDALAN— Mr.Spock [Dirtybird, 2010]

  21. LOUDTECH— Oh My Gosh [Elevation, 2018]

  22. DESTRUCTO ft. PROBLEM— Boom [All My Friends, 2018]

  23. GWEN STEFANI— Hollaback Girl (BIRTHDAYY PARTYY Remix) [Self-released, 2018]

  24. QLANK— Gangsta Shit [Ghetto Ghetto, 2019]

  25. TYPE3— Going On ft. BLAK TRASH [The Prescription Records, 2019]

  26. GIOC, CAIQUE CARVALHO, RODRIGO ARDILHA— Shake it 2 the Floor (GUNBALL Remix) [Sony Music Entertainment, 2019]

  27. HEIKEN & DUAL CHANNELS— About U [Muzica Records, 2017]

  28. VOLAC & BRUNO FURLAN— Boo Boo [Mixfeed, 2016]

  29. VOLAC— Feel It [SPRS, 2019]

  30. LAZY BEAR— 50k Booty Cents (KOSMIC KITTY edit) [self-released, 2017]

  31. TCHAMI—Zeal [Confession, 2017]

  32. MAXIMONO— So Hot [Dirtybird, 2015]


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